Chinese Love Tester

Are you dying to find out if you and that boy that you have a crush on are a... match made in heaven? Nothing easier? Put your love to a test, to a... Chinese test! If you know this heartthrob’s zodiacal sign and its Chinese correspondent, too, you're super close to finding out the whole truth about you two as a couple. Browse through all the Chinese signs, there, named after specific animals famous in the Chinese culture, such as the ox, the dog, the monkey, the snake etc, pick the one corresponding to your own sign, then the one corresponding to the sign of your real or... imaginary boyfriend and... let the test do its magic and reveal to you the secret behind your love for one another. You will no doubt qualify this game here, after just one or two signs matches, as one of the truly addictive love games online! Those short textlines popping up there might inform you that you two were meant to be together, that you should hurry up and make a move or, on the contrary... that Cupid has no plan with you two guys. No matter which might be the answer: don't take it for granted, it's merely a fun-filled love game!



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