Chicken Parmesan

Would you, too, have it for dinner almost every single day, could you, too, hardly refuse some delicious chicken parmesan cooked by mom or granny? Well, now what would you say about learning to prepare it yourself and returning the favor, surprising your dear ones with a delicious chicken dish prepared by you and you only this time? The first cooking step to take: preparing the breading! For this you'll be needing a an empty bowl and some flour, first, which can be found in the on-screen kitchen, you just need to attentively look for them, then you'll also be needing someeggs and fresh cream, from the fridge and another empty bow.. Oh yes, don't forget about the whisk, too! Once you have all the ingredients and kitchen tools realty there, on the kitchen counter, the tiny images rolling on the bottom left corner of your screen will let you know which is the correct sequence in which you'll need to use them! Do I sense a huge free online chicken cooking games fan? Then this cooking tutorial here will surely exceed your expectations as a highly picky player!


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