Charming Boo

Girls, do you remember Boo, by far the most adorable puppy in the entire online world? I'm sure you do, for an unbearably cute, irresistibly fluffy pooch like him doesn't get forgotten that easily! Well, guess what: you get to be sweet Boo's new owner for a couple of minutes. Prove yourself to be the best owner he could dream of by carrying out all the tasks that you'll be challenged with! First of all, you need to bathe your doggy! Gently place him into the tiny bathtub put at your disposal and start... washing up his unbelievably fluffy, fluffy fur! Pour the indicated gentle doggy shampoo, rub it well into his fur, then rinse if off! Towel dry the cute little one, then use the blow dryer, too, for his fur should be perfectly dry lest he should catch a nasty cold. Lovely! As a dog caring games addict you will surely love being this pooch's babysitter in particular! Don't forget to pet and stroke Boo, now and then, as a reward for he's such a good puppy and he stands still while you give him his beauty bath!


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