Celebrity Love Tester

Are you and that famous heartthrob, that Hollywood celebrity that you're in love with, a match made in heaven or... not quite? Would you two make a perfect couple? It's time you had some fun finding the possible answers to these questions by taking this cool celebrity love test here! Type in your name in that clapperboard-shaped tab there, on your screen, then your favorite male celebrity's name, too, in the second tab, tap the “Action” tab and get ready to face the moment of truth! Don't take it for granted, though, don't get discouraged if the result isn't the one you were hoping for, if the text line popping up there informs you that, well, you should pick another VIP idol, for Cupid has no major plans for you two!I bet you haven't played other fun skill games for girls more addictive than this one here! Keep typing several celebrity names there till you get the answer that you're dreaming of: that you and that jaw-dropping superstar that you've having a big crush on, are in fact meant to be together. Enjoy!



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