Animal Park Differences

Welcome to the animal park! The animals have been expecting you, you know, and there were looking forward to meeting you! Since their top favorite pastime at the zoo is playing tricky, challenging detective games and since today they need someone willing to accept to play the role of the private eye, they're counting on you to join them, you know. Grab your magnifying glass and place it on all your new animal friends, scanning them all, one by one, and spotting all the tiniest differences between the up and the bottom images on your screen. Wouldn't you agree that, with all its cute giraffes, fluffy bunnies, and funny-looking monkeys, this is one of the cutest spot the difference games that you've ever enjoyed? Some of the animals might be grinning in one image and put on a serious face in the other one, others might be differently colored, whereas some of them might have different body positions. Don't forget to scan different apparently insignificant details in the background, as well!



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