Cde Katie Kimmy

Where do we go to when we have some serious shopping to do? To our best girl friend! Which is the person we ask for advice when we don't have a clue what to wear on a date? Our best friend! Have some fun together, of course, playing the Katie and Kimmy dress up game!

These girls have so much fun together, you could see from the distance there are the closest friends. Well, let's express their joy of life and energetic personalities choosing some of the prettiest clothes you have in thetwo best friends dress up game! Katie is crazy about those candy like, colorful dresses with floral prints that go just great with a pair of big fancy sunglasses. As for her little feet, even at such a young age she knows how to look super trendy form head to toes. In thetwo best friends dress up game you will find some of the most stylish, fluffy boots, in my opinion the pink ones rock big time! Her best friend, Kimmy, is all into cool printed t-shirts. Continue the two best friends dress up game with this girl's complete makeover!

These two girls even love the same fairy tales and cartoon. The one with the little mermaid is definitely their favorite. Have some fun playing themermaid dress up game !

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