Dreamy Doll

She may be walking on the 9thcloud and be head in the clouds most of the time, but at least she's doing it with style! Check out her cutie-cute, colorful, baby doll outfits and lovely accessories, playing thedreamy doll dress up game, and get her a super chic, colorful look for her next clouds riding and rainbow swinging session!

Hmm, should she go for a one piece or a chic two piece outfit? On the other hand, there's a gorgeous baby doll, flouncy dresses collection, all in sweet, candy colors, with lovely prints, on the other had she has her precious, girly chic tops and miniskirts to pair, so make sure you dress up this cute dreamy doll with as many pretty outfits as possible till you've found the most stylish ones for her imaginary, major fantasy walks. Don't forget to check out her accessories, too, while you're playing the dreamy doll dress up game! From pretty lively colored wide brim hats, to preciously looking sparkling jewels and chic flat or fancy high heeled shoes, you'll find the accessories perfect to chic up every one of her winning, lovely outfits! Now, since a little chic mademoiselle's look cannot not be best completed but by adding an equally chic hairstyle, too, how about a quick hairstyling session, too? Whether you'll choose a candy pink color for her beautiful locks, or you prefer a lovely ponytail or rather a chic small chignon, her final looks is sure to suit our dreamy doll's gorgeous looks so wonderfully, taking her directly to the seventh heaven!

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