Cats Memo

They sure make such adorable little bundles of fur, with their cute little eyes, their cute little noses, their fluffy fur....! Still, you're not here to hug or caress these kitties, you know, you're here to... match them two by two! Get the cats memo game started and put your memory skills to such a cute test!

Ready to give the first click on any one of those rainbow-like cards featuring cute cotton balls, on your screen? You'll instantly get to take a really close look at the first pretty little kitty, but not for long, for the cards will instantly flip back and you'll need to rely on your memory only for looking after that specific kitty's twin, turning over all the other tiny cat cards ones by one. Pair those black, super fluffy kitties, then try finding the cute little snowball her kitty sister and keep pairing them, two by two, till you... gain the chance of going to the next level. There are, no doubt, so many other animal memory games online for you to try, but you have to admit that few of them are cuter than this one here!The better you'll become at reuniting these kitties wit their twins, the more challenging the game will get, for you'll have even more cards to match, so you'll have to be even quicker and more and more perspicacious, for there will be no time for petting, for combing their fur or for listening to their cute purring!

Play other animal memory games, too, on Rainbowdressup, and get ready to have your memory challenged by other cute little fluffy cuties!

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