Cat Care 2

Is working at a cat care center a dream job for you? Well, then get ready to help this lady here, the owner of such a center, take the best care of all the kitties brought here by their loving owners! Be quick to welcome them the moment they pop up in the loving, protective arms of their owners, to gently carry them to the highlighted area in the room and fulfill all their kitty wishes! They might get hungry, so make sure you bring them their favorite kitty snacks, they might get bored, so you need to rush in and get them cat toys to play with or they might get a bit sleepy, so then you need to hurry up and carry them to the comfy cat bedding you have there, where they can take their beauty naps. Got it? Well, then get the “Cat Care 2”, one of the most engaging online pet care games, started and put your love for lovely cats to a test!

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