Pampered Puppies

Look at their heart-melting, goofy cute little faces! How could anyone not want to pamper these doggies, to spoil then and fulfill all their wishes, giving them all the affection that they need? OK, so you're a huuuuge puppy fan, but does that make you skillful enough to run this lovely dog care center here? There's only one way to find out: playing the pampered puppies management game!

Here you have the first pooch popping up! He sure looks like such a well trained doggy, for he won't just rush in to have some of his favorite food, vitamins or bone-shaped dental sticks put at his disposal on table there. No sir, he'll patiently wait for you to get him his treat! If you already have a secret addiction for free management games for girls, then you will certainty adore this super cute game here, too! Quick, grab the water bowl or those filled with delicious doggy food and place it in front of the adorable pooch and admire him as he happily wags his little tail, as a sign of appreciation for you're being so carrying to him! He sure is so super cute, so do you think you could handle even more puppy cuteness? You sure need to expect to get some more and... more as you continue playing the pampered puppies management game! There you have another and another puppy showing up to get spoiled, pampered, to have his fun bubble bath, to be brushed, have his fur combed and so on. Be quick to look after them, to make all their doggy wishes come true and you will have a big, big pack of happy puppies showing you all their affection and appreciation for you're so kind to them, so very willing to fulfill their needs.

OK, this may be one of the cutest free management games for girls on our website, but it sure isn't the only one. Don't hesitate to dig through our entire girl games collection and you'll find plenty of other game to challenge all your innate skills while having loads of girly fun!

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