Candy Cake

Do I sense a big candy addict, one with a major weakness for yummy cakes, too? Then how does the idea of learning to bake a 2-in-1 dessert, a delicious candy cake, sound to you? Don't miss this chance: step into the kitchen and get ready to prepare the cake butter! Grab the bottle of milk and pour some into the large empty bowl you have there. Next, pour some vanilla extract, too, then blend the resulting mixture using the hand mixer you have there! Have you ever enjoyed other cake cooking games more engaging than this one here? Continue by adding some cake flour, as well, then some sugar and some baking powder, too! Once you've prepared your batter, rush in to take the next step indicated to you in this candy cake recipe: baking the cake! Keep up the good work, prepare the fondant candies, as well, then hurry up to decorate and serve your finger-licking delicious dessert. Enjoy!



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