Buona Pizza

Do you love pizza? Well, I'm 100% sure that you're an “expert” at eating it, but are you as skillful when it comes to cooking it under pressure, when lots of customers are waiting in line for you to deliver them precisely their top favorite type of pizza? Find out enjoying one of the mostchallenging, fast-paced pizza restaurant management games available online! Your boss, the on-screen pizza chef will give your a short training, before you start to actually cook your very first pizza, make sure you read the tutorial you have there! Then, you're on your own: on the right side of your screen you have the order you need to carry out, make sure to pick all the indicated ingredients such as the pizza dough, of course, tomato sauce, onion or cheese, even a refreshing soda, depending on the client's order. Once you've put together the pizza ingredients, don't forget to place your pizza into the oven, too, and get it nicely baked and toasted. Good luck, you, make your trainer proud to have you as his skillful little apprentice!


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