Brownie Paw Recipe

They're so delicious and super cute as well! Get ready to work your baking skills cooking some adorably... yummy brownie paws! Put together the tasty chocolate and the fresh butter into the bowl on your screen and get ready to have this yummy mix melted into the saucepan on the oven. You'll be needing some water, too, for this step, you know! Next, add some more ingredients to your choco mix such as eggs, flour, vanilla and other goodies. Once your final brownie mix is ready, be quick to place the lovely patterned paper cups into the tray you have there, cups which will then get filled with that delicious brownie batter that you will have cooked. Awesome! If you play cooking games for girls on a daily basis you will no doubt find this one here particularly engaging! Fill each one of those paper cups one by one, then get ready to place your future eye-tempting brownies into the oven!



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