Berry Yogurt Pops

Put together a delicious banana, add some refreshing, tasty berries, some fresh yummy yogurt and what do you get? A super tantalizing yummy treat, right? It's some banana berry yogurt pops that you'll get, a major spoil for your taste buds! Still, it's not enough to bring all those goodies together for cooking it! First, you need to skilfully use the on-screen kitchen knife for slicing the banana you have there, then you need to focus all your attention on the mouth-watering strawberry and slice it, too, then put together a yummy, yummy mixture using the electric blender you have there! It needs to have fresh butter, milk, orange juice, the tasty banana that you've just sliced, etc, etc, but you cannot just drop them in randomly, you need to stick to the indicated sequence! Fun yogurt pops cooking games like this one definitely make the best cooking classes that you could ever attend whenever you feel like cooking an amazing, super eye-tempting, delicious treat for your taste buds!

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