Bella And Edward Kissing

You're just about to watch the hottest big screen couple of all time, Bella and Edward, kissing right in front of you and you're also just about to become this lovely Hollywood couple's protector. How about that for a huge surprise? Enjoy theBella and Edward kissing gameand play a major part in this online Twilight's most romantic scenes!

The sun is setting, there's no nosy intruder in front of this tavern, so how about a quick sweet kiss near the telephone booth? Watch upon these two lovebirds while they're enjoying their romantic moment together and be quick to foresee the sudden appearance of Carlisleor even Jacob, who will surely ruin all the magic surrounding their special moment together. When there's no one around, give them a click and make them kiss, then quick, once your spot someone coming, give them another click so that their love remains a secret.

Where are our two famous lovebirds now? How about a dark, thickset forest at moonlight, for a kissing place? This secluded place must surely be secured from any intruder's eye. Or maybe not? What's there, behind those tree branches? Is that someone's shadow or the moonlight playing tricks on you? Watch out for that wolf and those intruders there, hiding behind those trees! Help your two protegees enjoy their romantic moment while you're also helping them protect their secret from all those vigilant, cunning spies hiding in the woods. Where will the next Bella and kissing game level take you now? Go to the next level and respond to your next challenge as a guardian angel of love!

Enjoy playing the Bella and Edward kissing game and help the two Twilight stars smooch around without getting noticed by their film set colleagues. Have fun!

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