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Beef and Rice

You don't need to have it right there, in front of your eyes, it's enough to imagine a yummy, steamy beef and rice dish and you can already feel your mouth water! Now, what if you could dig up all the great cooking tips and tricks behind your top favorite dish enjoying the beef and rice cooking game?

So, here we are, the cooking class is just about to begin, are you ready to cook? Then start with the basic: washing up the garlic. Just move the cursor as indicated in the game's tutorial on your screen and you will have washed the veggie, which will bring such a divine aroma to your meal, in no time! Great! Now, its time to focus on the carrots! They need to get peeled off and grated. I bet that you did not have such helpful, clear-cut tutorials, popping up on your screen at every single level, in all the other fun cooking games for girls that you might have enjoyed before! Control the on-screen blade my simply moving your mouse according to the indications on your screen and you'll be ready to continue wit the next cooking step in no time: cutting the beef into pieces. Have you ever imagined that cooking what seems to be such a complex tasty dish was so fun and easy? With the right clicks anyone can cook!

Enjoy the beef and rice cooking game and attending the cooking class that will reveal to you all the most hidden secrets behind one of your top favorite meals ever!