Barbie Super Hero Beauty Spa

Now and then, in between her challenging, energy-consuming confrontations with all those villains threatening to take over her world, Super Barbie feels like spoiling herself with some long, relaxing and nonetheless beautifying sessions as the SPA! Today is one of those days, you know, and since you'll be the beauty expert who'll attend to her at the SPA, she's counting on you to get her a head to toe pamper! Start with Super Barbie's face and get it pampered with all the finest skin cleansing and skin nourishing masks. Make sure to nicely define her eyebrows, too, thus perfecting her new radiant, polished look, then continue with the legs beautifying step! If you love to play Barbie makeover games any time you get the chance, you'll love this fun Barbie pampering session here in particular! Remove the unaesthetic hair, then get them massaged with all those skin hydrating body lotions put at your disposal. Continue with a stress-relieving full-body massage, Super Barbie's secret for being in tip top shape before each one of her major confrontations with the dark forces!

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