Barbie's Flower Shop

I bet you did not know that it's not a shoe store, a designer clothing store or a beauty salon that Barbie's always dreamed to own, but a... charming little flower shop instead! That’s right! Well, luckily for her, she's living her major dream these days, for she's just opened her flower shop, you know, and she's already getting so many phone calls that she could really use a reliable assistant (like you) to help her put together all the gorgeous ordered bouquets and deliver them on time to her clients. So, step into Barbie's little corner of floral heaven and pay attention to the very first flower bouquet order placed by phone. Make sure to pick the right bouquet wrapping paper, the right type of breathtaking-gorgeous flowers (most important) that the customer would love to brighten up his/her own day with or the day of someone very dear to him/her and then the corresponding lovely greeting card, as well. Be quick, be efficient and impress your new lay boss, dashing Barbie, with your super skills as her new florist assistant! You'll see, this might just one of the most challenging and one of the most engaging new store management games online that you've enjoyed!


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