Barbie Pop Star

Barbie's finally living her dream these days: she's a famous pop star, having mega concerts all over the globe! As we speak she's getting ready to step into the spotlights, on stage, and... dazzle away her fans with her famous hits. Now, what would you say about helping her take their breaths away with her fabulous stage look, too? Be Barbie's, the pop music diva, personal fashion stylist and make-up artist and get her glamed up for the big stage! Come up with a shimmery, bold, extravagant stage make-up look for her, opting for a lipstick in an eye-popping color, for a few coats of mascara, eyeliner and a vividly colored eyeshadow, too, maybe, then get her a jaw-dropping, picture-perfect hairstyle, too! As a Barbie makeup games “expert” you'll surely agree that this one here really puts your creativity as a make-up artist to a test, doesn't it? Then dig through her stylish stage outfits collection and decide whether a dazzling, sequined minidress or maybe a lovely chic, colorful full-skirt one or a statement, daring fashion look with a futuristic twist, maybe of a sharp shoulder top and leather pants, maybe, upgraded with some funky, edgy boots, would be more likely to leave the audience moth-opened!

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