Barbie Babysitter

Do you know which is Barbie's other major weakness besides great fashion? Adorable babies! That's right, she's such a loving and carrying nanny in her spare time, no wonder that all those chubby cheeked toddlers love her so much. What would you say about testing your babysitting skills, too, having lovely Barbie as your trainer, playing the Barbie babysitter management game?

Ooh, isn't she adorable! Barbie's looking after such a cute little baby girl today, while her parents are at work. Let's see, what would be the first step to start our fun babysitting session with! The bubble bath! There's definitely going to be a lots of bubble fun in the tiny bathtub, just make sure you pick all the right items prepared for you there, in the bathroom, in the right sequence, otherwise that bar on the bottom of the screen will get emptied completely and you will be running out of time! You'll see that this game is far more fast-paced than all those online babysitting games that you might have tried before. So, first we fill in the tiny tub with water, then we'll add a few drops of baby shampoo on her curls, we rinse them off once it's clean, we use baby soap to her body and so on. Feel free to hit the “HINT” button any time you're in doubt.

Next, it's diaper's changing time! How much do you love online babysitting games? A lot! Perfect, so do we, so don't be surprised to find some of the best of them listed here, on our website!

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