Rockstar Chibi

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a rock star? Having all the glamorous clothes and the tons of fans? Well, right now you have the opportunity to play the rockstar dress up game, which can bring you closer to your dream. You can pretend that you are the rock star and that you are dressing up.

Meanwhile, let's see what this rock dress up can offer: first of all the character is rock star Chibi. She is really taken into rocking on stage, so quickly give her some clothes so that she can be a real rock star.

Begin with the left hand side: there are a few hair styles that Chibi could have at this concert: a green wig, a red hair style, even blue, pink or purple; nothing is too unusual for a rock star.

Chibi needs a pair of pants: make them look good in the entire stage ensemble: you have to choose between short pants and long ones of different styles and colors.

A pair of shoes would be nice, and these may be found in the right hand side. Get the right style and color, so that Chibi will feel comfortable in her shoes and be ready to play on the stage.

The accessories are also a big part of a rock star's outfit, so pay attention to what you can offer Chibi and make her shine as a star. The rockstar dress up game features all sorts of necklaces, beads and accessories that are just the same as the accessories of some famous rock stars. Don't be oblivious to a pair of sun glasses: these may be pink, orange, purple or blue, and are available in different shapes: squared or round. These may be the signature of a rock star, so make sure you provide Chbi with all she needs.

Orchestrate the lights from the left hand side: you can change the colors from red to blue and this rockstar dress up game is like a real stage. Give Chibi a guitar to make her look like a real rock star, because what is a rock star without a guitar?

Remember: you can make a rock star out of Chibi. The rock dress up is the place to be when you want to rock. Save it to your computer, and you may even bookmark the page so that you can find this game the next time you want to meet Chibi and play a real rockstar dress up game.

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