Barbie and Ken A Second Chance

Have you heard the latest gossip? They say that Barbie's more and more decided to give Ken a second chance (since, you surely remember, they've broken up not long ago). Well, don't think that this will happen just like that. No sir: Barbie's still feeling quite hurt by Ken's behavior, so she's determined to test him before he can regain his title of “Barbie's boyfriend”: he'll need to prove that he knows her better even than she knows herself. What do you say, could you lend the poor heartthrob a helping hand for answering correctly to all these Barbie-related questions that she's prepared for him in this tricky quiz, thus bringing these two gorgeous lovebirds back together? So, what do you say, which is Barbie's favorite color? Do you happen to know whether her very first pet was a doggy, a kitty or a horse? Can you remember the name of her hometown? Enjoy what looks like one of the catchiest Barbie games for girls online!

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