Banana Crumb Muffins

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you a real “muffin maniac”? Then you should no way miss lovely chef Oti's newest cooking class! She'll be teaching you how to bake the yummiest banana crumb muffins in the world, so roll up your sleeves, grab your imaginary apron and get one of the most useful fun cooking games for girls started!

Here you are now, in cute chef Oti's lovely kitchen, right behind her kitchen counter, waiting for her to give you the first muffin cooking indication! Get ready for putting together the muffin batter by mixing all the right ingredients listed in Oti's recipe! Pour a few tablespoons of flour into that large bowl you have there, sprinkle some baking powder, as well, then add a pinch of salt, too and... mix them all together. Lovely, you sure are a quick learner! Next, you'll be cooking the tasty banana puree! Just drop those bananas into the empty bowl put at your disposal on the counter, and then grab your onscreen masher for... smashing them and turning them into a creamy fruity puree! Awesome! Isn't this one of the most addictive fun cooking games for girls that you’ve ever played? Add some sugar, too, drop an egg or two, as well, then drop some butter, as indicated to you in this baking tutorial, and... mix all the ingredients, through and through, moving your cursor along the curvy arrow on your screen. Keep putting together ingredients till you get to the part where you need to pour your creamy batter into the muffin tray! Wait for your muffins to bake, in the oven, for a couple of seconds, then... drop them into those lovely paper cups there watching (and learning) pastry cook Oti as she adds the eye-tempting, tantalizing toppings, too, to your lovely, dreamlike muffins! 

A fun cooking games for girls addict? Luckily for you, we have an entire collection available for you on Rainbowdressup, so... don't take off your apron, not just yet, and get ready to attend other fun cooking classes, too, while on our website!

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