Ballerina Slacking

Amber here is already fancying herself as a prima ballerina, performing on some of the world's most famous stages, getting so many round of applause and winning the audience's deep admiration. Still, if she could, she would rather turn herself from a beginner into a prima ballerina from one day to another, instead of spending so many hours for practicing and practicing and then... practicing some more all those tricky pirouettes and all those plies. Even now she's due to do herwork-out routine at the barre, her ballet teacher is watching her, but sweet Amber would rather have some fun instead. If you think you've already tried some of the prettiest, most fun-filled slacking games already, well, then you're... wrong, as you can easily realize now. She would rather... practice on her own personal choreography instead, she would apply some bright red nail polish on her nails, then some lipstick, too, she would send a text message to her best friend, complaining about all the time she has to spend in the studio, practicing, she would dust off her ballerina ribbon shoes and all that behind her teacher's back, of course!


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