Back to School Slacking

Oh no! Has the summer vacation already come to end, is it time to go back to school? Well, as you can just guess, naughty Sarah's not really thrilled about it and, moreover, even through she's running late for school this morning, and her mommy keeps asking her to pack her school bag and hurry up lest she should miss the bus, lovely Sarah would seize every single moment to.... slack! Instead of looking for all those textbooks that she'll be needing at school today, she's wasting precious time... blowing bubbles, instead of looking for all her pens and pencils, she would rather decorate her backpack with all kinds of eye-catching, funky cool badges, she would text a silly message to her BFFs or do a little doodle on her notebook. You'll see, this is by far one of the catchiest fun slacking games you've recently enjoyed! Would you help her slack without getting caught by her mommy lest she should get grounded on her very first day of school this year?



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