Babysitter Slacking 2

Oh, no, what a bad luck! Cute little Sarah has got everything planned for this Friday evening: she was supposed to go to the cinema with her BFFs and maybe hit their favorite tea house afterwords, as well, for chit chatting and sharing impressions about the film... Instead she's just found out that she's supposed to say home and babysit her baby sister! Poor Sarah! Now, do yo think that you could be her accomplice and help her still have some fun on her own, while at home, while looking after her sister, too? Whenever baby Susie's absorbed in her favorite cartoon, help Sarah indulge in a facial, secretly kiss her boyfriend, enjoy some of mom's famous cookies, play a fun “catapult the dirty diapers” type of game, paint her nails, text her BFF (who's probably waiting in line at the cinema, to buy tickets, as we speak) and so on... Wouldn't you agree that this is one of the most engaging slacking games 2015 that you've recently enjoyed? Whenever you're getting warned that Sarah's baby sister is about to burst into tears, for she feels neglected, close the “secret” screen and help Sarah play the role of a caring babysitter, again!


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