Baby Shower at Pool

Amy's been waiting for her day at the pool the entire week! Although she would instantly jump into the swimming pool now and enjoy her fun-filed splashy time, there are some things she needs to do first. First of all, she has to take a quick shower and she'd very much appreciate if you could help her with that! Drag her under the shower, then make sure to bring all those bubbling bath time products, all those lovely shaped floating soaps that she loves so much and to help her wash, through and through, starting by shampooing her lovely cute curly hair! This game effortlessly sets itself apart from all the other baby caring management games available online for being one of the cuteness-packed ones, don't you agree? Next, gently comb her hair, cover her up in sunscreen and help her pick her prettiest bathing suit, too, so that she can easily outshine all the other little sweeties there, by the pool. Now, would you like to join her at the pool, too?


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