Baby Mermaid

You might be a super skillful nanny in the real-world already, but do you think you could make it as a babysitter on the... bottom of the ocean as well? You;re greatly needed there for one of the charming mermaid queen in the underwater kingdom has a major ball to attend to, at sea god's sans palace, and her adorable, heart-melting cute baby mermaid has no one to look after her while mom and dad are not home. What do you say, would you like to be this sweetie's loving nanny? Hurry up then, for she's about to wake up, due to that awful noise her naughty octopus is making with his radio. Be there to comfort her, when she stars to cry, to get her her precious fishy-shaped bottle of milk, to grab one of her favorite crab-shaped toys and amuse her and so on. You will no doubt agree that this is one of the cutest fantasy baby caring games that you've ever tried!



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