Baby's Got the Flu

Cute baby girl Lucy’s been having a fun splashy time at the swimming pool when, all of a sudden… she started to cough, to feel dizzy and lose all the energy that she had till then. Yes, you’ve guessed it, the poor pumpkin’s go the flu and she really needs to see the best pediatrician in the online world! Are you the doctor who’ll cure lovely Lucy? Then see if you can correctly use all the medical tools you have there, if you can correctly carry out all the usual steps specific to the standard examination of a patient suffering from a bad flu. You’ll need to use the thermometer and check her temperature, use the stethoscope as well and listen to her heart beat, check her pressure, too, and even administer all the right medicine, whether through a nasty injection that little Lucy won’t like at all or maybe by administering her some special coughing syrup. You’ll definitely agree that this is one of the most strikingly realistic, engaging doctor simulation games that you’ve ever played!

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