Baby's Backyard Party

There's going to be a super busy, fun-filled day for baby Hazel today! There's going to be a lot of TV cartoon watching, plenty of playtime with he adored pet bunny, a lot of pretty dresses trying on and, most of all... a lot of backyard partying, too! Accompany her through this special, eventful day, being there, always ready to make all her wishes come true, no matter whether she'd like to enjoy a delicious lollipop, to feed her precious fluffy bunny, to watch some TV or to make all the necessary arrangements for her fun backyard party! You might have already tried lots of free online management games before, but have they been baby cuteness-overloaded like this game here? Speaking of that, since a perfect party depends a lot on all those goodies, all those yummy sweets and refreshing drinks that the party host is spoiling her guests with and since it sure depends a lot on all those entertaining devices, such as a pools or all kinds of party-specific toys, you should definitely lend baby Hazle a helping hand for creating the perfect setting for her fun super party. Enjoy!


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