Baby Pet Rescue

Would you apply for a job as a vet at the animal emergency hospital? You'll be having three equally cute and unfortunately equally sick baby pet patients to attend to today, you know! The first one of them is a poor puppy who's been rescued from a gutter and not the sweet little pooch's all covered in dirt, leaves and nasty looking cuts and wounds, not to mention that he may have a broken limb as well! So, there's no time to waste: use each one of the medical tools put at your disposal for wiping off all those leaves and dirt stuck to the puppy's fur, to give him a quick hoers, as well, to disinfect his wounds, bandage his cuts, place some ice pack on all the swellings and so on. As a true animal doctor games fan you cannot but grow so very fond of your cute little patient here! Once your pooch patient is recovered completely, be quick to give all the medical care you can provide to a poor kitten, as well, the victim of a nasty little accident!

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