Baby Juliet Eye Care

Lovely little Juliet was planning to enjoy a fun night at the cinema, where they're playing that great animation movie that she's been waiting to see for so long, but something totally unexpected has ruined her fun evening out: her eyes started to hurt while looking at the big screen in the cinema! Would you care joining sweet Juliet at the eye care clinic so that she can get her eyes examined and find out whether she'll have to wear eyeglasses or not? First of all, check her near vision, doing your best to pick the geometrical figures identical with the ones popping up on the left side of your screen from the ones available on its right side. Then, see if you manage to select the right letters, too, paying attention to the highlighted ones only and then clicking on the matching ones from those listed on the right side of the screen again. That’s not all for, you’ll see, this simulation game is nothing like all the other dull, basic eye care games that you might have tried before! Her complete eye exam includes a duochrome test, too, the [part where you get to gently pour eye drops into the cute patient's eyes, as well, and all kinds of other major tests to check the state of her eyes with, till you get to the very last step to take: healing sweet baby Juliet pick the chicest frames for her future glasses!


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