Baby Hazel Puppy Care

Do you share baby Hazel's love for adorable doggies? Great! You probably know then that she's super fond of her own little pooch, Bruno, and that she takes the best care of him! Still, she'd be more than glad to allow you to help her look after fluffy little Bruno, you know! But where is baby Hazel right now? Oh, she's in her backyard, having some fun in the sun... would you like to join her there? Assist her as she enjoying her jumping rope exercises, then make sure to comfort her as she'll get scared and burst into tears when spotting a tiny hedgehog popping out of the bushes there. Next, as soon as Bruno joins her, looking so very dirty, covered in mud, you should know that it's time for helping her bathe her pooch, as well. Step into baby Hazel's bathroom and wash up Bruno's fur through and through. Once you've got him groomed to perfection, you'll get to feed him, too, and even to lend baby Hazel a helping hand for building a nice little kennel for her puppy, as well!

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