Baby Care Rush

Question: how do you usually manage stressful situations and I don't mean just shopping when its sales time or deciding what eye shadow to wear before you go out with your friends! See how you can manage the baby care rush game!

In an imaginary future world you have made up your mind: since you love babies so much, you have decided to run your own daycare babysitting facility! Before you open it for the mothers to bring their little ones, practice on some of your skills playing thebabysitting game . You have to be careful handling their fragile bodies and quick, too, you don't want to focus on one baby and forget about the others, god forbid! Basically you need to get them ready for sleep. What does that mean? When playing the babysitting game and in real life, too, you need to bathe them, maybe play with them for a while so that they burn that incredible energy they have and to feed them, most important. In the babysitting game you will have to do all those things very quickly, babies keep coming and you don't want to neglect them on their first day at your daycare, now would you? It's fun, isn't it?

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