Baby Butterfly

I'm pretty convinced that you have never ever got the chance to look after a... baby butterfly before, right? Well, seize it now, for you're about to turn yourself into this future butterfly's guardian angel. You'll need to help the little caterpillar climb the grass, balance itself on a flower's leaf, you might just have to protect it from the awful wind and even help the baby butterfly feed itself with all those flowers' pollen, making sure to keep it well protected from all those nasty birds wanting to serve it for lunch, too! I'm quite sure that you play animal caring games so often, but you have to admit that none of the games that you've tried so far challenged you to be so cautious and gentle as this game here, challenging you with the task of taking care of a fragile butterfly, right? Once your butterfly “pet” is fed, find out which is the next step to take before you can call yourself its loving owner!


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