Baby Barbie's Little Pony 2

Guess what! Since Baby Barbie's first little ponies have won that major pony beauty pageant that she took them at, the cute babtydoll is decided to help three more adorable horsies win this competition! It will be Fluttershy, Applejack and Rarity's turn to... steal the spotlight now! She still needs your help for getting her cute pony pets pampered and styled up before facing the jury, you know, so... what do you say? Pick your pony and start... bathing it, getting it sparkly clean there, in the pinkish bathtub! Once you've dried it out, using the towel and hair dryer put at your disposal, go on and groom its fur, as well, helping it look so very polished, from mane to hoof, when stepping into the spotlight. Last, but definitely not least, fashionize baby Barbie's horsie, getting it styled up with all kinds of bling, bling so very pretty accessories and maybe with a lovely, artsy body tattoo, as well. Next, go on and get the next pony groomed to perfection and then glamed up for the stage, as well!

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