Astro Memo

Scanning through all those challenging skills games available online we've found this super fun memory game for you: Astro Memo!

You don't need to test your memory and learn all these astrological signs' characteristics, but use your memory skills to match these astro sings-featuring cards. So, what's behind this flopping card? A tiny fishy, the symbol of Pisces. Do you think you could find it's twin? Flip over all the cards on your screen until you find it, but make sure you recall where the first card, featuring the little fish, was positioned on your screen. Do you think you could handle the task of grouping all these identical astrological signs?

Challenge your memory skills playing the Asto Memo game, and you'll see that all the other skills games that you might have tried before are less less fun compared to the engaging memory tests that this game puts your through. Enjoy!

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