Ariel Legs Spa

The ball tonight is decisive for mermaid princess Ariel: prince Eric is going to be there, as well, and our red-haired beauty has to compete with a whole crowd of lovely princess determined to win his heart. But how could she compete with them, the poor thing, when she couldn't even leave her underwater world and step on solid ground, since she has a fishtail instead of two superb legs? Well, this is where you come in to ensure this story will have a happy end! First of all help Ariel put together that magic potion which, once drunk, can turn a fishtail into a... pair of legs! Watch closely all those recipients filled with special liquids getting emptied into that special bowl that that you have there and do your best to grab them in the same sequence, when challenged to. Next, enjoy beautifying princess Ariel's legs, getting them pampered with a spa session, thus getting them such a silky soft look, then remember to focus on Ariel's neglected toenails, as well! Enjoy one of the really engaging princess makeover games online!

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