April Fool Slacking

Back in the Middle Ages, April Fool's Day used to be such a major holiday, you know! The king and queen would throw a huuge party art their castle and would call the most hilarious, the funniest jester in the kingdom to entertain them and their royal guests. This year it's this sweet looking jester's turn to entertain the royal family. Since she's not so great as a jokes teller and she'd prefer rather to have fun applying make up or sending funny sms, how about watching her back and making sure that she won't get caught while doing that and make a huge fool of herself, playing the April Fool slacking skills game?

How great are your reaction times? Find out helping the cute jester do her first “forbidden” deed: typing a fun sms on her phone. The suggested text is already there, you just need to write it down on the phone screen using the right letter keys on your keyboard. Don't linger with the typing part for too long, for in no time the exclamation mark will pop up on your screen letting you know that your cute clown girl is about to get caught by the kind and queen! You'll see that this sure is one of the most reaction time-challenging April Fool's Day skills games that you've ever tried! What other kinds of fun activities could she secretly enjoy when the royal couple isn't looking? Well, she could freshen up her colorful make-up for instance, she could jungle some balls, an action which is not included in her the fun performance to be presented to the picky king and queen, she could also... pop some coconut balls when things get a little too boring for her there, in the big royal hall and so on. Read the short tutorial and make sure to close those screens each time you get an alert that the royal couple is about to find out that their jester is not giving them her full attention!

If you feel like having some more challenging fun, linger on our website some more, for we're hosting other April Fool's Day skills games on Rainboiwdresup. Enjoy!

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