Apricot Cereal Bar

Would you like a snack? Something super tasty and super healthy that should refill your batteries with energy and spoil your taste buds, too? What about an apricot walnut cereal bar cooked by... you? You won't believe how easy it is: first you turn on the oven and preheat it and get your pan ready, spraying it, covering it with baking paper. Then, you drop in the oats, next the walnuts and place them into the oven. Well done! If you're more than familiar with fun cooking games online, you will definitely agree that this one here is one of the most helpful ones for young, skillful pastry cooks and desserts fans like you! Once you transfer them all into the empty bowl you have there, keep in mind to add the puffed cereals, too, the dried apricots and all the other indicated ingredients and mix them all together using the wooden spoon put at your disposal. Keep selecting the right ingredients, in the perfect order, keep pouring and mixing till you've baked your first yummy looking apricot walnut cereal bars!


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