Apple Dumplings

Little Kevin here definitely has a sweet tooth and since he is his mommy's spoiled little prince, she would never miss a chance to surprise him with a new yummy, yummy dessert! Today she's thinking about baking tasty apple dumplings for her little one and she would really appreciate ahelping hand in the kitchen! This recipe's major steps to take are the following: preparing the apple mixture, cooking the dough, baking the apple dumplings themselves and... serving them to cute little Kevin, putting a big, big cute smile upon his face, of course. Do you think you're up for this baking challenge? Then get ready for putting together the tasty apple filling! Peel off those fresh apples one by one, then slice them, too! Perfect! Are you having fun learning all about this amazing dessert recipe as you enjoy one of the most useful cooking games online? Next, place the creamy pieces of butter into the sauce pan on your stove, add all the other special ingredients, such a maple syrup, cinnamon power and vanilla extract and keep in mind to drop the key ingredients, too: the chopped apples! Keep stirring until you get your tasty fruity filling cooked and next... follow all the other valuable indications that mom will give you for preparing the dumplings dough, as well!


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