Zippy Monkey

Would you like to be cute Zippy's new loving friend and nanny? He trully needs someone to take the best care of him! If you're fond of animals and especially of playful, cute, cunning monkeys, then Zippy would make the perfect pet for you! Learn to bathe your new pet friend first, but only after you've cleansed his fur off those ugly mud stains using the on-screen spatula put at your disposal! Use the shower head that you have there for giving sweet Zippy a quick shower and thus washing all the remaining dust off his skin, then focus on his teeth, too, brushing them till they get sparkly clean again. Lovely! Isn't this like one of the cutest and the most engaging animal caring games that you've ever played? What would you say about a fun monkey shampooing session now? Keep taking all the steps that you're being challenged with for proving that you would really make a great monkey owner!


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