Zara's Elegance Studio

Today lovely Zara has seen one of her biggest dreams come true: today it's the big opening day of her hair and beauty salon! Still, even though she's already a so very famous hairstylist and make-up artist, she could still use some help, for a huge crowd of customers will storm into her studio and she will find it difficult to attend to them all properly! Be her right hand and pay attention to each one of those clients' wishes. Some of them might want to have their locks styled up, while others might need to attend a fancy event and are counting on Zara's amazing skills as a make-up guru. If you never miss a chance to play management games, you'll definitely love taking the challenge of working in an overcrowded beauty and hair salon! Depending on their preferences, you'll have to see them to the right chairs, in the studio, and help Zara work her magic on her clients. Don't forget about the cleaning up part after each one of these quick hairstyling and make-up sessions!

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