Weekend Car Wash

Before there could be a “weekend shopping spree” or a “weekend night out with the girls”, for charming Lisa there has to be a “weekend car wash”. That's right, ever since she's got her four-wheeled beauty for her birthday, she's been taking great care of it and she takes it to the car each time she has the chance. What would you say about some car washing fun with Lisa, followed about a fun fashion, too, too, for she'll definitely need a new fancy look to match her car's own new posh fancy look, too!

So, are you ready for some car washing fun? Use the on-screen hose to wash it through and through, then make sure to gently pad it dry and to use enough car wax, too, for completing its jaw-dripping look and adding some attention-grabbing shyness to it. Next, it's time to focus on gorgeous Lisa's look, too! Like any one of the best-rated car games for girls online, this game is the perfect blending of a fun car tuning session with a fabulous fashion show! She would look so very rock glam at the wheel of her car dressed up with a pair of leather leggings, a fancy sharp shoulder jacket and some statement heels or she could look so very fancy chic dressed up in one of her gorgeous flouncy minidresses. A few final upgrades given to her gorgeous car, such as a mew car paintings, new rims, a new fabulous color, too, and they'll be ready to roll down the highway in great style!

This game sure is one of the best car games for girls available on our website but still, not the only one. Look for all the rest of them which best mix fabulous fashion with... jaw-dropping cars!

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