Weather Girl Dressup

Weather girl presenters have always been known to be very attractive ones, and it is no wonder people want to see more of them. In this respect, the weather girl dress up game comes in handy as it offers the opportunity to create the image of a weather girl and try several items on and spend some time with a virtual beautiful model girl that will eventually present the weather forecast.

Weather girls are always nice, so that people don't mind if the forecast is bad. Is it a rainy day? It does not make any difference, as long as the forecast is presented with a smile. So, the weather girl dress up game should be really important: the girl should look really good, so as to be able to deliver any news- good or bad with lots of charm and a smile.

Let's start with the face: this is highly important for TV, especially for the close ups. The weather girl dress up game gives you a number of hair colors and styles to choose from. So, start by getting some style; go on with some make up, which should be matching the color of the eyes (chosen by you of course). Get some cheek bone enhancers and the face is good to go.

Focus on the dress: this should be outstanding, so the weather presenter dress up game gives you plenty of glamorous dresses. Try some of the dresses that you can see on the right hand side, and make sure you decide for something that goes well with the hair and make up.

Don't forget a pair of boots or shoes. These are also important, even if the camera mostly focuses on the face and upper body of the weather presenter.

And in case the forecast is bad, the weather girl can also wear an umbrella: get any color you want to form the weather dress up activity provided.

Last but not least, choose a matching microphone. This is among the most important 'accessories' of the weather girl. Many colors of microphones are available, so you cannot go wrong with choosing one for the upcoming show.

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