Way Too Wonderland Kitty Cheshire

Purple is her signature color, the asymmetric skirt, the card-inspired pattern and the mix of bold, neon colors with lovely pastels are the features that turn her fashion style into a... statement one. Yes, you've guessed it, I'm referring to foxy chic Kitty Cheshire, one of the Ever After High's main fashion icons! Now, what if I told you that you'd be the one styling her up for school today? Make sure you get her a fabulous, attention-grabbing look with a twist of magic chicness, for standing out from the crowd at Ever After High sure isn't easy! Look through all her lovely, so very feminine tops, ranging from corset bodices to blouses, some of them featuring cute puffed sleeves, others being pretty peplum tops, while others are fur-trimmed. You might have tried lots of Ever After High games online before, but I'm pretty sure they didn't feature such an impressive fashion collection, right? Pick the one you like best, then pair it with a pretty full skirt, in a color of your choice, next seize the chance of taking a really close look at all the Lolita-inspired dresses with a twist (given by the eye-catching, cards-inspired pattern), as well!

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