Valentine's Day Slacking

Don't they make such a cute couple, Sarah and Tim? Here they are now enjoying their super romantic Valentine's Day dinner in that newly opened luxurious restaurant in town! As you can just guess, Sarah won't be able to stand still thorough the entire evening and she would seize every little opportunity she has for enjoying this special night's romanticism in her own way, even if that means: getting caught by the nosy waiter there! Help her and her handsome date kiss whenever the waiter isn't looking, help Sarah secretly enjoy those yummy chocolaty bonbons that Tim has surprised her with at the beginning of he evening, instead of enjoying the tasty exquisite dish that the waiter has just brought her and so on. Don't you share our opinion that this is one of the most fun-filled slacking games 2014? Could you as well help Sarah play cupid for other people in the restaurant or... arrange the flowers in the vase there, on the table... her own way, making sure the strict waiter doesn't spot her doing all these... “not allowed activities while in a fancy restaurant”!


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