Vacation Couture

Lovely Tiffany is planning an awesome trip, a shopping trip, in some of the most famous fashion capitals of the world: London, Rome, Paris and New Delhi! What would you say about joining her on this major shopping marathon that will help her upgrade her wardrobe and enrich it with all kinds of fabulous new items signed by these four different countries' most popular fashion designers? Get the vacation couture dress up gamestarted for the plane is about to take off anytime now and... there sure is a lot of shopping to be done!

Which is the city that you'll be heading to first? How about... London? Here, our charming stylista could indulge in an accessories shopping tour, not just any type of accessories, but... some truly exquisite ones with a twist or two of royal-like luxury, too! She's always been dreaming to buy one of those fancy, extravagant hats that the upper class English ladies and those who are members of the royal family would wear at those fancy garden parties that they usually attend, so how about helping her pick a truly sophisticated one looking through the collection put at your disposal? It sure is one of the most addictive dress up games for girls you've ever played, isn't it! Some statement designer heels and a fancy luxury bag, too, and... she'll be ready to explore the next fashion capital on her list: Paris! Oh, la, la: now this is what I call a “frenchy chic” collection of elegant coats and chic silk and chiffon blouses! Help her try on some of them keeping in mind to complete her Parisian chic look with some stylish pants as well! Next, you should no way skip the next city that she planned to visit during her worldwide shopping tour: New Dehli! From all the dress up games for girls that you've ever played, this game here definitely looks like the most impressive one with its wide fashion collection put at your disposal, right? Here, she's relying on you to help her decide which ones of all those superb haute couture jewels she should glam up her wardrobe with! See which ones of those expensive bracelets, resplendent chandelier earrings and statement exquisite necklaces suit her best! The last but surely not the least destination for our sweet fashion addict here will be... Rome! She's been looking forward to entering some of Rome's fanciest fashion boutiques and to indulging in the selection of some new haute couture, chic dresses that she's spotted during all those great fashion shows that she attended! So, what would you say, would you like to help her pick a stylish dress or two, signed by famous Italian fashion designers... or maybe three or four?

Enjoy your fashion-themed summer trip and then go on and enjoy other inspiring dress up games for girls on our website, for there are lots of other lovely stylistas hoping you would help them enrich their wardrobes with new chic fashion items!

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