Unicorn Princess Dressup

Play the unicorn dress up game! You are allowed to believe in fantastic creatures at all ages, and playing a fantasy dress up game will surely give you some really good time.

So, meet the characters of the unicorn dress up game: these are the Unicorn Queen and her dearly loved pet- the unicorn of course. The game features items of clothing for both the girl and the unicorn, so let's get on with the fantasy dress up game and use your imagination, as there are no limits and everything is possible within the frameworks of this activity.

The Unicorn Queen has a few choices of fashionable clothes. You can choose to dress her up with a top and some bottoms or alternatively in a beautiful dress. The tops are diverse, very attractive and available in green, pink or red. They all have a heart at the middle, which make the tops more attractive.

As for the bottoms, these may be either mini skirts in pink blue and green or super shorts, which may be purple, orange, blue or dark blue. You can also add a belt to the Unicorn Queen.

On the other hand, if you would prefer a more romantic look, there are dresses available for you to try on. There are mainly two different styles of dresses: a simple straight cut, just below the knees, available in black and green and a more sophisticated model which has a huge ribbon at the back.

A queen could not be a queen without a crown, so the unicorn dress up game should go on with giving the queen a crown or a tiara. This may be either sophisticated, with a precious stone in the middle, or a simple crown made of flowers, for a more simple and casual look.

Once you have finished dressing up the girl, the fantasy dress up games goes on with dressing up the unicorn. There are different colors of blankets, saddles, lassos and adornments for this special unicorn. Groom the pet in this unicorn dress up game. Add a necklace of flowers in the unicorn's neck and the game will be more entertaining.

Bookmark this page for future reference, and play this fantasy dress up whenever you want to evade and when you need to believe in unicorns. Share the activity with your friends and dream a beautiful dream with queens and unicorns.

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