Unfreeze Me

I'm sure your heart isn’t made of ice and that you won't remain indifferent to these poor birdies' little tragedy: they're locked inside some ice cubs and only you could... unfreeze them. So, are you ready to work your brain muscle, strategically using all the objects put at your disposal so that you can unfreeze the captive birds in all the game's levels? Prove it! The main helpful tool that you get to use is the cannon shooting hot water! Move it so that the hot water aims at the birdie locked inside her ice cube, wisely calculating the trajectory and your shot power! YOU”ll definitely agree that this is one of the trickiest free online skill games that you've ever enjoyed! The more you advance in the game, the more challenging your role as a frozen birdies' rescuer becomes! New objects that you can handle and strategically move on your screen will show up, such as that board, so that you can aim at several ice cubes at the same time and at several vases, as well, which, once filled, will grant you bonus points. Have fun challenging your skills for freeing all those birdies!

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